Why Pandas?

Our service providers are called PANDAs because they are Personal Assistants Next Door.

When My Panda was started, the founders were too busy to take the time to find an extra set of trusted hands to help them manage all they had to do.  So we decided that there should be an app for that!  ​We hire those that are committed to helping others in their community and who want to help improve the lives of those they serve.

Our Pandas are paid between $15- $20/hour because we believe gig economy workers should be fairly paid and we value our Panda's work and time. 

Thanks for visiting our Career Page. Please review our open positions, and apply to a position only if you live in that area.  Because My Panda is hyper-local, we hire from local communities to match for jobs in the same community. 

*Please do not apply to more than one listing.